The ‘al-hurra’ is a deeply personal collection which started as a search for freedom; freedom from other’s definitions and measurements of beauty, freedom from fears and complexes, freedom from boxes and ideas about what it means to be a woman.

We don’t fit in a box, our souls cannot be defined, our bodies don’t fit into specific measurements.


As woman is ever more subjugated by the misogynistic patriarchal gaze, the الحرة collection counterbalances this with an alternative narrative. It establishes the positive imagery and prominence of myriad woman’s breasts whose multiple and diverse forms and energies make up the world.

Through the reclaiming and loving of the body, we slowly start to reclaim our freedom, to de-objectify women and our feminity. And we claim the power to give new meaning to those words for ourselves.


These cups are a cry to claim our own definition of beauty and celebrate our diversity, a cry to reclaim our bodies as ours; unique, sacred bodies that hold the content of life, of mama earth, the life-giving force.

 The complexities of natural women’s bodies percolate through the clay boob cups, they tell stories of women through the roughness of the clay and the vibrant colors of the glaze.

They speak of feminine strength and beauty and inspire us to think of women as whole, strong, full of wonder, amazement and awe. Women who exemplify greatness, compassion and power. They speak of women’s fragility and softness too, yet they stand in all its strength as a vessel to hold all contents within.

 They point at the source of our power, which lies within our bodies, in a place away from the eye.

We look upon these boob cups and it sparks our beloved connection with the earth - the power that brings us into existence. We connect with the source, the earthenware vessels that births life into a new love for ourselves, for all of us, as women.

They invite us to look inside our selves, to drink from our own love which we give to the world. To fill our cups, to honour the feminine.


This is the time for feminine energy to reign supreme and fill our bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, tables, desks, cabinets and shelves with the bounty and beauty that is us.